Parents are encouraged to visit teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, school psychologists and other support personnel by appointment, in order to discuss any concerns regarding their own children.


To ensure the safety of all persons and to maintain an educational environment free from disruption, all visitors must register in the Main Entrance of the high school and then report to the high school main office.  Students are discouraged from inviting any guests to accompany them to school.  In special circumstances, or for educational purposes, visitors may be accommodated.  The following procedures must be followed:


  • Student makes verbal request to the Assistant Principal at least one week in advance of the proposed visit.
  • Student provides the Assistant Principal with a written request from the parent to bring a visitor.  The written request must include date of, reason for the visit and name of person visiting.   The Assistant Principal will discuss this information with the parent.  Please note that the purpose of the visit should be educational, not social.
  • If approval is given, the student and visitor obtain a visitor's pass from the Assistant Principal’s office.   This pass must be carried while visitor is in school.
  • Student accepts responsibility for his/her visitor, and must remain with the visitor during the school day.  The visitor will conduct himself/herself according to the rules and regulations of our school.


No student visitors are permitted during religious holidays, during examination periods, or when nearby schools or colleges are closed and our school remains open.