Current information on SAT I and SAT II and PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) dates are always available in the Guidance Office or on our website.

The PMHS Test Center Number is 33756.
The PMHS School Code Number is 334470.


Some schools require that a student take the American College Test (ACT).  Pelham is not a test center for the ACT.


Students who are in Regents or Honors classes in Living Environment, Course III, Chemistry and\or Physics and receiving good grades should consider taking the SAT II subject tests in May or June.  These tests, which were formerly referred to as Achievement Tests, are required or recommended by selective colleges.


Registration forms for all of these tests are available in the Guidance Office and should be mailed out directly by students with the appropriate fee.  There are specific registration deadlines that must be met for each test. Check with the Guidance Department for precise dates.  Please contact your student’s current subject teacher or counselor if you need more information or advice on any of these tests.