The Student Association is the formal voice of the student body and it is essential to the governance of Pelham Memorial High School.  The aims of the Student Association are to:

  1. provide student government for the entire student body


  1. develop attitudes and model the qualities of good citizenship


  1. promote harmonious relationships throughout the school


  1. provide a forum for responsible student expression


  1. act as a link and agent of communication between the

administration and the student body


  1. develop a feeling of respect and loyalty in the school


In order to accomplish these goals, the Student Association has the 

power to:

  1. sponsor programs in the interest of the student body


  1. establish committees as the need arises


  1. coordinate the student calendar, whereby all clubs,

classes, and other organizations must submit fund raising

events or class activities to the Student Association for


  1. develop a formal budget at the end of each academic year to

be used by the incoming officers of the Student



All members of the Student Association are elected directly by the 

student body for one-year terms.