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 PMHS Kicks off First Innovators Symposium                              

 By Sabrina Maggiore, Senior

In an effort to inspire and encourage students to think “outside the box,” PMHS presented its first ever Innovators Symposium. The event served to highlight students who are already putting their imagination, skills and efforts to use as young inventors, researchers, and business people. Presented in Cafeteria C on April 13, students brought in a range of things that they have worked on from organic cosmetics, to to vegan baked goods. They showed that in spite of one’s age, one can change the world.

Students, faculty, and administrators attending the event walked from table to table asking questions about the displays. Junior Ehsan Ahmed was one of the students who showcased his work at the symposium.

“I made a sculpture entirely of recycled cardboard, screws, and hot glue. I’m proud of how it turned out,” said Ehsan.

Senior Alexa Melnick showcased her line of original jewelry. “It was a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by other young entrepreneurs who are all looking towards the future. It was a great opportunity to network and share ideas,” said Alexa.

PMHS Principal, Mrs. Clark, developed the idea for the symposium after reading Tony Wagner’s Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World. The book discusses how educators can incorporate 21st century learning into the classroom. Mrs. Clark hopes this will become an annual tradition at PMHS.

“We want students to be creative and interactive about learning. We hope that by showcasing students who are innovators and risk takers we can inspire other students to do something great on their own,” said Mrs. Clark.