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District Looks at Renovating Locker Rooms

By Madison DiFrisco, Sophomore


Over the years the high school has made many renovations to the common areas and classrooms and has made it a priority to make improvements to the physical appearance of the school. The newest advances to be made will be to the boys’and girls’ locker rooms in the main gym. Due to the poor layout, broken lockers, showers that are no longer being used, poor storage space, and wheelchair inaccessiblity, the district has approved renovations to these spaces.


The plans include a combination of long lockers to hold equipment like lacrosse sticks and tennis rackets, along with smaller square lockers for personal belongings and clothing. There will also be private showers and changing stations, so that students can maintain their privacy. The locker rooms will also include a storage space for athletes’ belongings such as golf and hockey bags, which typically take up a lot of space in the locker rooms. They will be adding wheelchair lifts for both locker rooms, so that the locker rooms and main gym are more accessible for everyone. Finally, they plan to improve the natural lighting.


The renovations will cost around $2 million, the savings from refinancing bonds from 2006. This allows PMHS to borrow nearly $3 million at no additional cost. Dr. Giarrizzo recently sent out a survey to the students of PMHS asking for feedback and assistance in the plans for the renovations. The renovations should be completed during the summer of 2017, following community approval of the project on May 17.